Cornish Brides Wedding Show

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The weather was glorious, and Andy Murray was in the Wimbledon Final, I really thought it was going to be a quiet day at the Wedding Show at Kingsley Village on Sunday. How wrong was I ….. I was amazed at the turn out of people. There were some amazing stands there showcasing their companies and what they do, I just hope that our standards were as high as everyone else’s.

Our Crepe Cart at Cornish Brides Wedding Show

The morning started off very quickly and we tried to give out as many free samples as possible, I hoped you all enjoyed them? We spoke to a lot of people that day with so many of you planning your own weddings, it is great to hear how everyone seems to be doing something just slightly different. Making your wedding very personalised around who you are…some of the ideas that I heard were fantastic, I really hope everything turns out just perfect.

Captain Crepe

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